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Items to Have on Hand for Births

The Homebirth kit provide by MCO has all your basic supplies which you will receive when your midwife does a home visit at 37 weeks’ gestation.

Recommended to Have

2 sets of clean sheets for the bed (that you don’t mind getting dirty)

Acetaminophen (Tylenol) 500 mg (to promote sleep in early labour)

Dimenhydrinate (Gravol) 50 mg to (promote sleep in early labour)

Energizing drinks, such as juice or Gatorade

Container for placenta disposal (plastic yogurt or ice cream tub or large Ziploc bag)

4 – 6 old towels and 4 washcloths

large bowl for hot compresses

6 receiving blankets or towels

2 baby hats

hydrogen peroxide for cleaning purposes

Cookie sheet

Nice to Have

Music, massage oils, aromatherapy oils

Bendable straws

Hand mirror

Food and drinks for your birthing team

Heating pad or hot water bottle

TENS machine (that you can borrow through our clinic)

Hospital and Birth Center

Car seat- please have it properly installed

Health card and/or extra health insurance information

Loose comfortable clothes for labour and a set to go home in

Slip-on shoes or slippers

Baby clothes

Toiletries and lip balm

Cell phone charger


Ibuprofen (Advil) 200 or 400 mg (to be used in postpartum only)​

Acetaminophen (Tylenol) 500 mg

Adult diapers or extra absorbent sanitary pads

Herbal/homeopathic remedies if desired (Arnica or herbal baths-avoid comfrey)​

Newborn diapers

Witch hazel, Epsom salts to care for your perineum

Digital thermometer

Additional Resources

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