Choice of Birth Place

Start your journey into parenthood in a comfortable environment

Home Birth

Midwives offer home birth to all clients who are low risk. What is low risk? Generally, term (37 weeks or more), with one baby presenting head first and no underlying medical conditions. Research into the safety of home birth has shown that the outcomes are similar to hospital birth for baby yet the number of interventions are reduced which reduces risks for the mother. We carry equipment for managing emergencies including neonatal resuscitation equipment, IV fluids, emergency medications to treat hemorrhage.

Ultimately, you should be comfortable with your birth place and feel safe.

We offer information about birth place at the beginning of the third trimester.

Birth Centre

Midwifery clients in Ottawa are fortunate to have the Ottawa Birth and Wellness Centre as an additional option for their birth! The birth centre, one of only three in Ontario is a freestanding, midwife-led facility offering a safe, comfortable place to give birth to all midwifery clients in Ottawa. One of the special features of the birth centre is the beautiful, super-size tubs for relaxing in during labour! There is no cost associated with use of the birth centre for residents of Ontario, whether or not they have OHIP coverage. Please sign up for the Choice of Birthplace night to find out more about midwifery and the birth center.

The Ottawa Hospital:
Civic Campus

At the Ottawa Civic Hospital, midwives practice to full scope meaning that we can manage epidurals and provide induction/augmentation of labour without transferring care. The Civic Campus has showers in many of rooms, a selection of birth balls and squat bars and so we are able to provide a natural experience in a hospital setting as well.