About Midwifery Collective of Ottawa

Vision Statement

The Midwifery Collective of Ottawa is the practice where clients want to receive care, midwives want to work, and students want to learn.

Mission Statement

The Midwifery collective of Ottawa provides midwifery services to pregnant people and their babies through pregnancy and the newborn period (6 weeks). We view pregnancy as a state of health and respect the normal process of pregnancy, labour and birth. We recognize our clients as the primary decision makers regarding their care and we work as partners with them by providing information and support, ultimately enhancing all aspects of their well-being and that of their family.

Value Statements

We believe that normal childbirth is the fundamental philosophy and practice of midwifery. We support and empower our clients to choose and pursue normal childbirth.

We are feminist and support choice.

We support and value diversity in our clients, staff and midwives.

We value a respectful and supportive environment for our clients, staff and midwives.

We believe that client care and midwife work-life balance is enhanced with a team approach.

We value the growth of midwifery and recognize the benefit students bring to client care.

We believe that a positive outcome encompasses the physiological, emotional and spiritual well-being of the client and their family.

We value and encourage humour, recognizing the joy inherent in our work.

Midwives are the experts in normal birth.

That means we take care of healthy people experiencing healthy pregnancies. When a pregnancy moves outside of normal, we consult with a physician.  Often, we work in concert with the physician; sometimes we transfer care to the physician.

If your midwife transfers your care to a physician this means that the physician becomes your primary caregiver instead of your midwife. For this period of time, your physician and/or nurses provide your care and monitoring. Your midwife’s role is to advocate and support. Care may be transferred back to the midwife when appropriate and when agreed upon by all parties.