People deserve informed, supported and empowering, pregnancies, births and postpartums.

The Midwifery Collective of Ottawa has a dedicated team of midwives and staff that specialize in pregnancy, birth, postpartum and newborn care.

As primary care providers, we strive to deliver collaborative, high quality, and informed care. We aim to help you make choices that are informed, respected, and supported. 

Fill out our intake form to see if midwifery care is a good fit for you.

Midwifery care is right for you if:

You want to make informed decisions.

Your midwives will educate and guide you through all your options throughout your pregnancy: from testing and medication to pain management during birth. Appointments are not rushed. This will empower you to confidently make decisions from a place of knowledge – these decisions are yours to make, and your team will support your choices.

You want to have a relationship with your care team.

A familiar face during one of the most profound and intense days of your life is important. Midwifery care offers you the opportunity to get to know your caregivers well before labour. Your team will learn about your unique needs and preferences so they can advocate for and support you during and after birth.

You want to decide where you will give birth.

Whether you want to give birth at home, a birth centre, or the hospital, your midwives will be there to attend! Giving birth where you are most comfortable and safe is the place that is best. Midwifery Collective of Ottawa has privileges at the Civic Hospital, Ottawa Birth and Wellness Centre, and can also support you in a home birth.

“My midwife was great. She always took the time to explain to me, in detail, the different stages of my pregnancy and what was going on with me, my baby and what to expect in the coming months.”

 How does it work?

Fill out our intake form. This allows us to determine if we will be a good fit for you.

We will contact you to set up an appointment.

You will meet with your potential midwife and learn what you can expect from us as your primary care providers.

You and your baby will be in great hands.

Midwifery Collective of Ottawa was established in 1994, and our midwives catch close to 400 babies every year! Our midwives are registered with the Ontario College of Midwives.

The practice began with and continues to have midwives from various backgrounds. Some graduates are from the Ontario Midwifery Education Program based at X University (formerly Ryerson), McMaster and previously Laurentian University. Others are trained internationally and certified through the International Midwifery Pre-registration Program.

“When my baby was 14 days late we went in for an induction. My midwife was with me the whole time, consulted with an obstetrician when needed but also stood up for me when required.”

Frequently asked questions

What will my midwife do for me?

Your midwives will be your primary healthcare providers during your pregnancy, birth, and the six-week postpartum period. We can order labs and ultrasounds, urinalysis, write pregnancy-related prescriptions, and monitor fetal growth, heart rate, and position.

Will I have regular appointments?

One-on-one prenatal visits with your midwife occur every 4-6 weeks until 28 weeks, every 2-3 weeks
until 36 weeks, and 1-2 weeks until the birth. These appointments will last 30-60 minutes.

Can my midwife see me at home after birth?

Yes! Your midwife will come to you at home in the first week (within 24 hrs of the birth, day 3 and day 5) to support your transition to parenthood. You will not have to worry about leaving home with your newborn for those appointments.

What if I have complications during pregnancy?

If your pregnancy moves outside of ‘normal’, we will consult with a physician. We work collaboratively with the physician, or we may transfer your care to the physician. But your team will still be available to support you, even if care is transferred.

Can I give birth with an epidural or other pain management options?

Yes, absolutely. The Midwifery Collection of Ottawa have privileges at the Civic Hospital. If you decide that an epidural or other pain management is right for you, we will support and facilitate that choice.

What if something goes wrong at my birth?

Midwives are highly trained to deal with many scenarios that may arise during birth. In the hospital,we work collaboratively with allied health professionals such as paramedics, OBs and nursing to get you the care you need when you need it.

If we are outside the hospital, we are equipped with the necessary medications and equipment to stabilize birthing people and their babies until we can transfer to the hospital.

Will I have to pay for midwifery care?

If you are a resident of Ontario, your care is completely funded by the Ministry of Health and you will not have to pay.

BORN Ontario Cybersecurity Incident

BORN Ontario is a prescribed perinatal and child registry that is funded by the province’s Ministry of Health. BORN Ontario was the victim of a cybersecurity incident earlier this year and your information may have been impacted. The incident was caused by a vulnerability in the file transfer software BORN Ontario utilized, called MOVEit.

We are among the many Ontario healthcare providers that share personal health information with BORN Ontario related to pregnancy, birth and newborn care – important healthcare encounters that can affect lifelong health. BORN collects data from healthcare providers pursuant to the authority afforded to it in the Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA). BORN Ontario uses this information to identify immediate care gaps affecting individuals, link information to appropriate care providers, perform health system quality assurance, and analyze data for emerging trends.

For specific details about the incident, and to find out if your or someone in your family’s information may have been impacted, please visit the BORN Ontario website